K4I seeks the services of a suitably qualified editor to assist in the professional editing of content for a variety of audiences i.e. government, academia, the public and industry (the private sector). 


Particularly, the editor needs to have capabilities in the following areas:

  1. Able to do a basic edit, as well as in-depth edit that includes checking for logic issues (Before and after examples to be given – including a list of clients).
  2. Ability to do academic editing including using academic references (Examples of this type of work to be given).
  3. Ability to do a plain language edit or ability to show your ability to grasp new ways of working and editing quickly. (If possible, before and after examples to be given).
  4. Flexibility with quick turnaround times would be an advantage. While the aim is to have deadlines and plans, there will be times when collateral is needed urgently. It would be very favourable if the editor/writer can respond quickly to urgent items.
  5. The editor would need to also be able to write. The ability to write in plain language would be an advantage. Writing output would be for print as well as the internet. (Writing examples to be provided.)
  6. Able to take very specific direction and work within various paradigms eg plain language, academic environment, online etc.


Questions can be addressed to Nkoskhona Msweli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The selected editor would work in collaboration with and report to the Research Administrator on other related activities, including advertisements, direct marketing campaigns, and various communications material.



Note that after the initial selection stage, there will be an interview process.



Proposals must be submitted to Nkosikhona Msweli, the K4I Research Administrator, and should include:

  1. Proposal with the implementation plan (Note that this is for a period of one year and includes material needed during that time. Please quote on editing rate per hour and writing rate per word.)
  2. Budget/Quote
  3. Examples of previous work (as described above)
  4. Referees



Please refer to UNISA General Terms and Conditions for suppliers.



Deadline for submission is Sunday 11 August 2019 extended to Wednesday 28 August 2019 at 17h00.